Oracle Apps AMC & Support

Asiatech Software Inc

Operating System Support Services:-

We provide personalized operating system support services for customers.

Our system administrators have expertise in managing different phases of the operating system support lifecycle. These include, planning, implementation, troubleshooting, and recovery.

Our team can work directly with your system administration staff, system development teams, or other third party vendors and support service providers. To ensure that you achieve organizational milestones, we will deliver the following operating system services

  • Iterative examination of local resources (devices, geometry, performance)
  • Analysis of vital system information statistics
  • New OS implementations (planning/installation)
  • Operating system implementations/upgrades
  • Examination of non-local resources
  • Network connectivity, network storage and backup and recovery models)

We provide support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, HP-UX, IBM-AIX, Sun Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux and. Our experience also extends to directly working with operating system vendors to resolve complex operational and IT infrastructure environment issues

Applications and Middleware Support Services :-

In the software lifecycle, nearly 70% of the cost goes into Application Support & Maintenance activities.
Research suggests that large enterprises spend an average of 73% of their IT budget on Application Maintenance of existing system. Clearly, Application Management presents high potential for cost savings in global enterprises.

Oracle products serve a number of businesses. At the same time, their experts do not come cheap.
However, most enterprises would want to operate their applications on a 24 X 7 basis on a platform which is reliable and efficient. This is where   come into play, providing reliable expertise, efficiently and proactively through:

• Focus on performance measures and continuous improvement besides Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

• Timely resolution of issues and root cause analysis of each issue.

• Multi-level maintenance process using a Corrective, Preventive,
Adaptive & Perfective approach.

We can provide the support your business needs for a price that works!

Will give you a combined hardware, operating system level and network
support to perform installation and administration of various applications and
middleware’s such as

Apache Web Server

• Tomcat Web Server

• Oracle WebLogic Server

• Oracle Internet Application Server

• Oracle BPEL Process Manager

• Oracle SOA Suite

• Oracle WebLogic

• Hyperion

• Oracle BI Publisher

• Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g

• Oracle Identity Management

Oracle Database and Applications DBA Services

Asiatech Software specializes in personalized administration services for both Oracle databases and applications systems.

A comprehensive support strategy is developed for our clients depending on their business requirements and objectives.

We have Oracle Certified Associates (OCA) administrators and Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), who leverage their extensive experience and knowledge to ensure optimal operations for our customer’s businesses. Our support strategy for each Oracle database and applications platform is focused on providing proactive services to ensure uninterrupted operations.

An instance of the services that we can provide includes: database logical design and physical database planning, installations and upgrades, patch applications and fixes, initialization parameter tuning, hit ratio management, object defragmentation, database operating system migrations, fail-over solutions and architecture support. From resource availability perspective, our customers can utilize our DBA consultants on either a part-time basis or on a full time basis.

Our consultants can be utilized in either a primary and/or supplemental DBA support services role. All of our Oracle database and applications DBA services have stringent security functions built-in to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our business operations. Benefits of utilizing our services include:

  • Optimizing your Oracle operational support services
  • Reducing your operational costs
  • Increasing your Oracle Applications DBA knowledge base Services that we can provide for your organization include:
  • Oracle database and supported platforms (Oracle 7/8i/9i/10g/11g)
  • Remote DBA support and maintenance
  • Performance tuning • Capacity planning • Replication services
  • Database design/modeling • Patches/Fixes • Migrations
  • Installations/Upgrades • Backup/Recovery • Business continuity
  • Disaster recovery Oracle Applications 11i and R12
  • Remote Applications and database assistance
  • Applications installation/configuration. • Upgrades and consulting
  • Applications Backup/Recovery • Patches/Fixes
  • Cloning • Oracle Applications tuning.
  • Oracle Applications monitoring support • Oracle Concurrent Managers support
  • Web, Forms and Reports Servers
  • Technical development for interfaces, conversions, extensions, and reports
  • Object Migration • Printer Configuration • Setup Oracle Applications request set
  • Oracle Applications User Management.