Asiatech Software Inc

Asiatech Software’s Application Development and Maintenance expertise is designated and have been designated with Microsoft Competencies in recognition of the attainment of rigorous certification criteria and demonstrated technical competency in providing complex business solutions.

Asiatech Software can provide you with complete stack of turn-key solutions for your web based enterprise development and desktop application development needs. We can architect and construct full blown enterprise database driven E-Business applications or develop a portion of your existing system. We take pleasure in developing innovative solutions that meet your requirements and budget. Asiatech Software Consulting Services provides software architecture, design, development and deployment services in Microsoft .NET Technologies. Finding the right solution to solve complex business issues often requires a combination of commercial “off-the-shelf” software and custom software development in order to create a solution that fits your unique way of doing business.

At Asiatech Software, our Microsoft.NET Application development and Maintenance methodology, caters to the best of breed processes which helps in a successful on-time and above expected delivery. Stringent quality procedures clubbed with benchmarked practices and experienced delivery skills help clients get maximum return on their IT spending.

We work with you to:

  • Outline the solution
  • Define the solution architecture
  • Develop prototypes for demos to users
  • Design the framework of the solution
  • Build the solution
  • Validate the solution against requirements
  • Rolling out the solution across your organization
  • Continuous support for the solution

We approach solution development from a business perspective. We partner our senior consultants with clients to identify goals, problems, and opportunities. Our designs consider target user groups, impact on the internal organization, workflow processes, and technology infrastructure. Our solutions provide business-to-business and system-to-system integration using commercial applications, custom application/database development, and networking and infrastructure services.

Asiatech Software has successfully implemented over 100 custom enterprise-class business applications. We assist clients with the design, build and management of their e-business initiatives, and provide multiple implementation options, the use of new and emerging technologies, and management and life-cycle processes that ensure low risk and high success. Our primary goal is to ensure that our client’s investment results in the revenues, cost-efficiencies, and customer and partner relationships that were originally envisioned.

Asiatech Software believes in an outstanding communication process between our clients and engineers. This is the foundation of every business solution and is too often overlooked. Our goal is to deploy solutions that are built atop this foundation, delivering the client exactly what they need. Our exceptional technical knowledge and flexible business integration allows us to act as a business partner concentrating on mutual goals. Our engineers are adept with cutting-edge Microsoft .NET architecture and deploy solutions that are both highly effective and professional. Asiatech Software is excited to engineer and grow your Microsoft .NET business solutions today. Let us unleash and deploy the power of the Microsoft .NET framework into your corporation.

Our application development consultants specialize in developing solutions based on Microsoft’s .NET development platform, Enterprise Solutions and Windows Server Systems that includes: